Ella - Who am I?

In a nutshell I am a 42 year old with 5 kids and a hard working husband, who supports my crazy creative idiosyncrasies.  Ella is my pen name.  My given name is Eloise [The Author name was already taken].  I dabble in all things creative. Book Cover Design among other art projects.

I have been in love with romance since I was a wee little thing.  So my genre of choice to pen is Young Adult Romance, New Adult Romance and eventually I would like to dip my fingers into Paranormal Romance. 

What I am working on ...

My first novel is inspired by a slice of my own life.  It follows Erin Tucker a young girl on a coming of age journey. Overcoming the hardships that life flings her way and her determination to dig herself out of the inherant dilema of nurture vs. nature.  Her impossible love for the concept of happily-ever-after.

There's of course a lot more to this book; angst, heartbreak and broken homes; abuse and necessary interventions. Crazy adventures, shared experiences with friends and of course, a boy.  Lets not forget the boy.  Reece...



FOREVER GIRL, Read & Burn Memoirs

BITTERSWEET, Read & Burn Memoirs

BAD BLOOD, Read & Burn Memoirs

My favorite reads ...

So many ...  I am an avid fan of Indie Authors in the Romance genre: YA, NA, PNR

The list of authors I follow deserves a whole blog space.  So that is a project I plan to start soon.

watch this space ...


Take over the world of course.  I try every day.  I am starting with getting my novels out so that you can read them.  And then we'll go for another ...

Scribbling + Life Experience = Hacking this book

  1. Research
    Life is research - I think I got this.  I am sure there will come a time when I don't!
  2. Creative Process
    This one is a no brainer for me!  I never take myself too seriously!
  3. Writing Process
    Be funny.  Be real.  Vomit out words.  Edit rejurgitated words. 

  4. Disclaimer: I am seriously just hacking this website thing.  Writing I can do.  Websites not so much.  Or was that the other way around?       

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