Ella Williams debut novel is base on a true story. A slice of life that follows Erin Tucker, a young girl on a coming of age journey. Overcoming the hardships that life flings her way and her determination to dig herself out of the inherant dilema of nurture vs. nature. Her impossible love for the concept of happily-ever-after.
Reece is a devil may care bad boy, that does what he wants when he wants. Until he meets Erin. They find a new reality together, battling the labels that society has placed on them. Together they have to discover that happily ever after is more a work in progress than a conclusion.


Pepper meets Thor. No wait a minute...
Pepper Valentine meets Gabriel St James in a total chance encounter. Gabe more than resembles the god of Thunder. And oh does he ever bring the Thunder. And the lightening. And everything that is excitment into boring staid Peppers life.
Pepper left a broken home filled with bad memories to lead a simple life with no risk and no foul. And also no reward.
Twenty five with little life experience and even less practice in love, Pepper hasn't had the best role models to commend the intitute of romance. With a long history of bullying and family abuse, Pepper suffers from high anxiety and a crushed ego.
Enter Thor...
Not only is Gabe a gentleman and hot cop to boot, he also seems like one if the good guys. Cherry on top - he is totally into Pepper. Too good to be true? Pepper thinks so.
Can Thor's hammer level out Peppers insecurities and make her believe in him?.


Bad Blood is my working title for book three.
The Read and Burn Memoirs follow a family of young women with a long history of unlucky love.  Book one and two follow the path of sisters Erin and Pepper. Overcoming their own fears that are steeped in a past of abuse and broken families. Book three and four tell the stories of Alana and Adriana who always assumed they where fatherless. Growing up in a home devoid of male presence has molded them into strong independent and bold young women. Yet there was always something missing.
But when they find out that their mother lied to them, and their presumed dead father has spent years searching for them? It turns their word ups side down, each in very different ways.
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