A hint of shy spinster 
With a drop of experience 
A pound of damaged past 
Add in a hot cop with a dash of good looks 
Mix in the proverbial golden spoon (can be substituted with Thor's hammer) 
And a bolt of thunder and a flash of kink 
Swirl in a bucket-list … 
And you get a sweet yet spicy love story 

Timid Pepper meets Gabe in a total chance encounter. Gabe so closely resembles the son of Zeus, that Pepper immediately starts to fantasize about thunder, lightning and golden hair. And everything that could bring excitement to boring and staid, Pepper's life. Pepper left a broken home filled with bad memories to lead a simple life. Her motto is no risk, no foul. And also, no rewards. Twenty-five with little life experience and even less practice in romance, Pepper hasn't had the best role models to commend love. A long history of bullying and abuse, Pepper suffers from high anxiety and a crushed ego. But life’s knocks has Pepper fighting back as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, creating a bucket-list of adventures that she is determined to successfully complete. Enter Thor... Not only is Gabe a gentleman and a hot cop, he also seems like one if the good guys. Cherry on top? - he is totally into Pepper and willing to help out with some of those more risqué bucket-list items. Too good to be true? Pepper thinks so. Can Gabe and his Thor's hammer level out Peppers insecurities and make her believe in him and what they could be together? 

RELEASE DATE: Winter 2019 - TBA 
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