Forever Girl

Girl meets boy. Sparks fly! 
Lines are drawn Feisty Erin and bad-boy Reese clash in a battle of wills, ego, and heartbreak. One night changes it FOREVER When Erin meets her neighbors' boyfriend, she thinks he's bad boy vibes and devil may care attitude should be avoided at all costs. A home filled with heartbreak and abuse leaves Erin desperate for escape. And then things get inexplicably worse. Until one night she unexpectedly finds comfort in the complicated arms of Reece White. 
Ready-to-charm Reece jumps at the opportunity to get lost in the company / spend time with easy going Erin. The pull is instant and powerful. Leaving them both reeling in recognition of the special... But life's obstacles and Reece's own secrets might be too much of a barrier to breach. 
Will Reece back off when he realizes that Erin is more broken than he bargained for? And more importantly, should Erin heed her own warning about Reece?
Copyright ©2018 Ella Williams, All Rights Reserved.