I’m the wicked witch of the west ... 

Well that’s what Luc would have you, and anyone else who would listen, believe. 

The bad blood between us is what legendary tales are made of. All I want is a chance to get to know my father and my siblings. Before it’s too late. But Luc has it in his stupid, sexy head that I’m a gold-digging little hussy, just out for Daddy’s money. Or more to the point - the family money that my father has married into. I know it seems suspicious that after all this time I finally want to get to know my dad. Do I have ulterior motives? 

Yes, I do. 

But am I the gold digging tramp that he is so dead set to prove that I am? 

Hail-to-the-Mary No! 

But I’d never admit to it him. Not if he begged at my feet, crying for mercy. Not if he said the rosary five hundred times and not if he professed his undying love and offered to whisk me away into the sunset. No, just no! He thinks I'll a sure bet and a freeloader to boot. No to him and no to his sexy as sin looks. Just ,,, never. 

This bad blood, it’s forever… 

RELEASE DATE: Autumn 2019 - TBA
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