There’s nothing more annoying than a cocky bad boy. Everything about him screams of hot kisses and bad decisions. He’s off limits - forbidden fruit. He’s hot as sin, and he knows it. So then why does it feel like he’s my only salvation?
From the moment I met her, all flustered and blushing in the driver’s seat of her douche of a dates’ car, I just wanted to wipe the worry from her frightened eyes and protect her. It took me but a moment to recognize that Pepper Valentine is mine. 
I’ve hunted criminals, busted drug deals and stared death in the face. But try convincing her of how special she is to me is one hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. 
A sweet and spicy recipe for delicious disaster.
He calls me Princess. I call him Asshole. The moment we laid eyes on each other we were sworn enemies. This convolutes an already complicated situation. I've run away from the only home I've ever known to meet my biological father and the half dozen other offspring I never knew he had. But it's like I've walked into an episode of the Kardashians. 
Meeting my long-lost crazy family is a dream come true. But there's a pal on the experience. My father is ill, deathly ill. And my rich pompous step-brother thinks I'm here for the prize money of playing dotting daugther. Convincing Luciano Orgtega otherwise is an impossibility. But something tells me that the heat in his eyes and the derision in his voice, is as much a lie as me saying I hate him. Co’s here’s the thing - I secretly have a crush on him. 
I, Amerie Roderigues, have a crush on my new step-brother.
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