Happy Ever Afters are not a conclusion, they are a work in progress.

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Bio ...

Ella Williams is a [soon to be] self published author of real and provocative romance. Ella has years of experience slogging away in various eduction fields, but her ever thriving passion for reading lead Ella on the path to becoming a writer.

Better late than never, Ella mostly known as Eloise, has a love of art and colour and anything idiosincratic.

Ella lives in Cape Town South Africa with her high school sweetheart and husband , three of their five children, their googly-eyed puppy, two grumpy cats and of course their pet killer lobster. Their full house is never lacking in quirky inspirations and even weirder friendships. A mother and small business owner by day Ella cannot resist the call of the written word and is either reading or weaving a story by night.

Writer. Doodler. Dreamer.


How I started my journey to becoming a writer...

My journey to becoming a writer started long ago.  However the catalyst to spark any actual production was born of a deep seated need to share myself.  I have always been a romantic at heart.  I have been reading Romance Novels since I snuck a peak at my sister's Mills 'n Boons when I was perhaps eleven.  The sappy love stories with their idea of forever have been entrancing me ever since.

I have always wanted to write the perfect love story, but I could never find the right happy ending.  After pickling for years on this idea, I finally realised that happily ever afters are not a conclusion but rather a work in progress.

So my first story came to me.  I would start with what I know. A story of my young adulthood, as seen through my now experienced eyes.  Pain remembered.  Joy shared. Experiences relived.  Love rebirthed.

But do not fear.  It is not a Memoir.  Forever Girl is the first in a series of books, ironically titled Read and Burn Memoirs, which I have been inspired to write by the journeys that people in my life have taken.  Struggles that are real and have taken herculean efforts to conquer. Love that has stood the tests of time.  And some really odd situations to add the spice we all crave.

So to all the conquerers...

I have a bit yet to go before I am ready to release.  But I do hope you will stay posted!

Did I mention that my genre of choice is New Adult Romance and Young Adult Romance.  What else would I write about.

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